The Final Frontier of Civil Rights

I sent the following as a “Letter to the Editor” to the Lexington Herald-Leader, our daily newspaper:

“Does anyone see the hypocrisy in Merlene Davis, the “Horrid-Misleader” editors, and the Democratic party? They attack Rand Paul, insisting that business owners do not have the right to chose whom they serve. And yet they turn around and say individuals do have the right to chose death for their unborn children. Abortion is the ultimate civil rights issue. How inconsistent it is to abhor slavery and racism, and yet murder innocent, defenseless unborn children. I pray for the day that abortion will be no more, a dark part of our nation’s history just like slavery and other civil rights violations of our past.”

At this point, abortionists usually counter with two moves–one, defensive, and the other, offensive. Defensively, they say something like, “Although I don’t personally believe in abortion, I believe a woman should have the right to choose.” Of course, any second grader can see the fallacy in that logic. Do we let individuals decide whether or not they wear seat belts or text and drive? If abortion is morally wrong, it should be prohibited.

Offensively, abortionists often point out that many who believe in abortion also believe in capital punishment, a seeming contradiction. Not all killing, however, is murder. Killing in self-defense is justified. Just wars and capital punishment are simply self-defense at a societal level.

Abortion is murder. It is killing an innocent, defenseless, voiceless human being. And make no mistake, a fetus is a human being. It has a gender, unique DNA, often a beating heart–and a future. Abortion is the most heinous civil rights violation of all. How can a president who calls Abraham Lincoln his hero and who has benefited so much from the progress America has made in the civil rights arena, how can he nominate two Supreme Court justices who will virtually guarantee that the civil rights of unborn children remain in the dark ages for generations to come.



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2 responses to “The Final Frontier of Civil Rights

  1. Ginger

    Agreed! It’s always ironic to me that the same people who are pro-abortion (I refuse to call it “pro-choice” anymore, because that term is unclear as to whose choice it is, certainly not the innocent, unheard voice of the child) HAVE had the opportunity to be born.

    Suppose anytime anyone “inconveniences” us, we’re allowed to kill them? I can only assume those crying “pro-abortion” would not agree with that argument.

    The crux of the issue lies in whether or not it is a life or not, and at what exact point in time it becomes a life. Our ultimate authority, God’s Word, aside — science is quickly confirming more and more how early heartbeats, fingers, LIFE is there.

  2. A person’s DNA, gender, and approximate birthdate are all established at conception. The heart beats 18 days later. If not at conception, at what arbitrary, artificial point does human life begin? Here’s more evidence from science and psychologists that life begins at conception. From “Social Animal” by David Books, The New Yorker, January 17, 2011: “His (pre-born child) inner-mind training began before birth. Even when he was in the womb, (he) was listening for his mother’s voice, and being molded by it. French babies cry differently from babies who’ve heard German in the womb, because they’ve absorbed French intonations before birth. Fetuses who have been read ‘The Cat in the Hat’ while in the womb suck rhythmically when they hear it again after birth, because they recognize the rhythm of the poetry.”

    Read more

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