Alcohol Intolerant

After Obama got elected, I canceled our subscription to the Lexington daily newspaper, the Herald-Leader, or as I like to call it, the Horrid-Misleader. I had just read one too many stories shamelessly promoting Barak Hussein Obama that sounded like they were written by the Democratic National Party. And then, when they refused to run my Letter to the Editor (read it below), I had had enough. Cancel my subscription, please. I don’t want my money supporting more liberal drivel.

We still read it online, however, for local news. But at least I’m not funding it anymore.

One of the serendipitous benefits of switching to the online edition, however, has been that it allows you to post comments online. And as a Bible-brandishing member of the “morality police” (you’ll get that when you read below), I feel obliged to comment on a regular basis when I read something that offends my biblical worldview–which is quite often. Actually, my wife Tina is more the Sheriff of the Morality Police; I’m more of just a Deputy Barney Fife.

As a commentary on society and how Christians are stereotyped and their biblical worldviews are misperceived, I thought I would post a string of comments on a story that appeared in today’s Horrid-Misleader. The story was about how Lexington is temporarily suspending a law against carrying open alcoholic beverage containers during the World Equestrian Games, when about 200,000 visitors will descend on our quaint city. Here it is:

Festival visitors during WEG can carry open alcoholic beverages downtown

Read the story here.

I wrote:

This is the first step toward allowing this all the time. The alcohol industry will argue that if it’s OK some of the time, why isn’t it OK all of the time. Small baby steps toward an alcohol-obsessed city. Why do we have to lower our city’s standards when company comes to town? We don’t do that in our home. Come on people. Get over your little teenage obsession with alcohol and grow up. You can enjoy the city without medicating yourself with alcohol.

jackland wrote:

Lthompson, brilliant play with the old slippery slope argument. Certainly open containers will cause “self-medication” rates to go up amongst the idiot masses who have a “teenage obsession’ with alcohol. People certainly can’t be trusted to make any decisions for themselves, and thankfully we have inspirational watchdogs and moral policemen like you to keep us morons in line…whew!

GET OVER YOURSELVES, you pious, paternalistic, neo-fascist jerks! Your arguments are suitable for a high-school youth group retreat, but you can kindly take your Dr. Phil/fundamentalist youth group leader dreck back to the suburban hole you came from.

Congrats to the city council for allowing an international festival to function a little more like an actual festival. Hopefully this IS THE FIRST STEP to amending the open container laws to be more in line with 21st century reality.

And, seriously, the moral superiority complex in some of these comments only serves to demonstrate that scared religious simpletons still roam these streets. Quaint, but not cute. Let’s keep pushing Lexington past such archaic garbage.

I responded:

jackland, I pray for you. I’m not superior to you, just forgiven by Jesus Christ. And your problem is actually not me. I’m just the messenger, don’t shoot me. Your problem is with your Creator, Who said, “Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit.” (Ephesians 5:18). Whether you want to believe it or not, you will answer to Him one day. I pray that you will not stand before Him alone, but with Jesus as your Savior and Lord. You have misconceptions about Christians and God. Example: I don’t live in a “suburban hole”; I live in a home that’s in the Festival Zone. What’s archaic is your perception of Christians. I’m not garbage and neither are you. Christ valued us enough to die for us. Why would you reject that? Everything He does is for our own good.

Uk311420 wrote:

This story is so typical of most KY stories. We have the religious police (lthompson and his ilk) attempting to jam their narrow view of one particular organized religion down our throats by law. Open container laws are a perfect example of the populace ceding individual rights to the government without even questioning it. Why do they exist in the first place? Who profits? How much does LFUCG rake in from tickets on open container laws? Why is it allowable for UK football games but not bball games? What a perfect story to expose the american taliban for what they are: holier then thou schmucks who want to spoil everyone’s fun under the guise of morality!

I replied:

Comparing teetotaling Christians to police is probably more of a slight to the cops than the Christians. But as a Christian, I plead guilty and note the comparison is actually not far from the truth. Police, however, are not the enemy. And neither are Christians. Both seek to serve and keep people from destructive behavior. Alcohol is self-destructive behavior. Our Creator knew that. Anytime He says, “Thou shalt not…,” He’s really saying, “Don’t hurt yourself.” God is not trying to spoil anyone’s fun. And neither are Christians. Our motivation is to love God and love people. And one of the ways we do that is to help them not hurt themselves. That may get us perceived as morality police, but we’re really just border guards at the gates of hell, trying to stop people from stumbling in. You don’t get into hell by drinking alcohol, though. You get into hell by rejecting the One—Jesus Christ—who bought you forgiveness for alcohol abuse and other sins.

David wrote (defending my right to express my views):

Jackland, I could care less whether open containers are allowed during the games. What is disturbing is your venom towards someone like Lthompson who has a different point of view. He simply stated his opposition to open containers. Your response is not one you would expect from an adult.

I wrote:

Thank you, David, for coming to my defense. One thing I’ve noticed about people who hold “church lady” stereotypes about Christians is that they hypocritically preach tolerance, but are extremely intolerant to anyone who believes that the Bible is our authority and tries to do what it says. Since we believe it when it says that Jesus is the only way to escape the penalty of our sins, we act on that by trying to spread the Good News to everyone else. That’s motivated by love, not trying to control them. Why else would we care?

jackman wrote:

David, it was a pithy and venomous response, indeed. Perhaps a little overboard, even. Lthompson may express any opinion he likes.

Of course, I am obliged to respond to such serpents of morality in unbending and direct terms, no less offensive than the insistence of such christian zealots on applying their faulty moral code to everybody else’s existence. There is nothing childish about proactively pushing back the bizzare, warped lense that Mr. Thompson and fellow flock think we should all view our world through.

Lthompson tells the citizens of Lexington to get over their teenage obsession with alcohol. I call upon Mr. Thompson to get over his childish obsession with piety. You suppose you know me and everyone else in such a familiar way that you should instruct us in the moral danger of drinking alcohol. How PROUD you must feel to dole out such fatherly advice to strangers. I couldn’t care less about the citations you post from your bible–I fear your book about as much as a phonebook or a stapler.

I hope WEG helps refocus our community’s potential to be a modern, interesting, and engaging place to visit and do business. We’re not there yet, but we’re getting closer. Silly, tired, fearful customs should have no place in our city’s future.

jackman added:

I can’t help but laugh at your assertion that you are a guard at the gate to hell, and your job is to catch poor stupid me from stumbling in. A purely asinine, self-absorbed point of view that smacks of vanity. You really do believe you could identify those stumbling into hell? The world would be better off if you focused on helping others in a meaningful way, and less on catching those you think are stumbling in sin. It’s mighty boastful to assume you could possibly understand the criteria your god might use to judge one’s soul…

I wrote:

This isn’t about me or my message. I’m just the messenger. Whether you like it or are willing to accept it, you have an authority in life. God. That thought seems to make you very angry. But He is for you, not against you. I am, too. He tells plainly all about Himself and His plan for salvation and standards for living in the Bible. But it’s not about rules. It’s about a relationship with Christ. You evidently don’t believe God wrote the Bible. I can’t convince you here. If you really seek truth, read Evidence that Demands a Verdict or The Case for Faith. I pray for you. I love you. This will be my last response.

satcheluk wrote:

It’s Dr. Thompson I presume. I’m sure everyone posting here appreciates your diagnosis, as we can now skip that trip to the psychiatrist.

What your diagnosis fails to consider is not just the wish to drink where, we as responsible adults choose, but rather a desire not to have the government legislate morality or act as a surrogate parent.

Sanctimonious comes to mind.

Expectations leveled, expectations achieved.

Ever consider martyrdom? No one’s standing in your way. 🙂

Referenced above, here is my Letter to the Editor of the Lexington Herald-Leader that they did not have the courage to print, which caused me to cancel my subscription:

It is ironic—no, hypocritical—that America’s first African-American President and one who claims Abraham Lincoln as a hero will not stand up the oppressed, voiceless people group of this generation: unborn children. He urges us to find common ground. But there is no common ground between freedom and slavery nor between life and death. I pray that one day our nation will look back at the atrocity of abortion with the same horror and remorse that we confess over the evil of slavery. President, will you be the next Great Emancipator or another Great Hypocrite? Where is your empathy? Where is your courage?


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