The Extinction of Creationists

I’m one of those dinosaurs who still believes in a literal seven days of Creation.

That’s right. I still believe that God created the heavens and the earth in seven literal, 24-hour days. How quaint.

We seem to be a vanishing breed, teetering on the brink of extinction. After all, can any educated, intelligent person defy millions of Darwinian scientists and still hang on to the incredulous notion that God just spoke it, and bang, it came into existence? Ex nihilo?

Yes, I do.

I write this post to answer the question, “Are you out of your mind?”

Because the answer to that question is “Yes.” I am out of my mind. Because the mind—human reason—is precisely the reason that Creationists are on the endangered species list. And perhaps this simple essay will keep just one or two from falling into the tar pits of Rationalism in which the judgment bar of human reason is the Ultimate Authority. Let’s look at Myth and Truth.

1.Myth—The Creation account (Genesis 1-2) is not meant to be taken literally.

Truth—Genesis 1-2 is literally true.I believe the Bible—every word of it—and strive to interpret it as its original audience would have interpreted it. And that means literally in most cases. In the case of Genesis 1-2, it’s definitely literal. That’s how Moses intended it to be taken, and of course, that’s how his readership took it. But, you may say, can’t the word “day” (Hebrew yom) mean both a period of time or a 24-hour day? Sure, it can. But never when used with an ordinal (first, second, third, etc.), as it is in Genesis 1-2. The 359 times “day” is used with an ordinal in the Bible, it’s always literal. And never when modified with “evening and morning,” as it is in Genesis 1-2. The 38 times “day” is used with “evening and morning,” it’s always literal. And never when used in the plural, as it is in Exodus 20:11 (when God gave the Fourth Commandment about the Sabbath [very literal language being used there!]), “For in six days the LORD made the heavens and the earth…” The 845 times “day” is used in the plural, it’s always literal. 359 + 38 + 845 = 1,242 solid reasons to take Genesis 1-2 literally. What kind of contorted hermeneutic can you use to get around that!

What really amazes me are Christians who believe in God, yet think it too fantastic that the world was created in six literal days. I wonder how they ever get past the first four words of the Bible: “In the beginning God…” Once you get past the fourth word of the Bible, “God,” everything is possible. If Creation is a metaphor, what other miracles in the Bible are merely symbolic? It’s a slippery slope—more about that later. So now the question becomes…OK, I believe God could have created the world in six days, but did He? Or did He use evolution? Read on…

2. Myth—Creationism and Evolution (Darwinian, macro evolution) can be reconciled.

Truth—I’ve already addressed the Day-Age Theory above that supposes the seven days were seven geological ages. It’s not supported by any Scripture in any context. The second main theory posited to mesh the Creation account and Evolution is the Gap Theory. This theory proposes that there was a big gap of billions of years after Genesis 1:1 or in between each day of Creation. Again, this violates the literal language I’ve already mentioned above, but in addition, it violates the important Biblical principle that sin, and therefore death, entered the world as a result of the Fall. Romans 5:12 tells us that sin entered the world through Adam, and death through sin. There was no death or sin before Adam. So to say there was a gap(s) before Adam in which billions of organisms, including man, died and left fossil records does not line up with the rest of Scripture.

3. Myth—Creationism doesn’t explain the fossil record.

Truth—Imagine a worldwide, catastrophic flood, in which millions of gallons of water and mud quickly covered the earth, killing all plants and animals. The pressure from all that water preserved fossils and created layers of sediment, which explain what geologists find today. In fact, the flood explains how these creatures were preserved in such detail, with little rotting or decay, much better than Darwinian scientists can. Fossils are created by rapid, catastrophic change, not slow processes. (By the way, the flood is no myth either. Just look at all the flood stories that it spawned in various cultures, such as the Epic of Gilgamesh.)

4. Myth—The earth is billions of years old.

Truth—The earth is about 4,000 to 10,000 years old. Again, the flood accounts for much of the apparent aging of the earth. It was an epic event that forever changed, “scarred” the earth and its organisms. But, you say, don’t carbon dating methods prove otherwise? Carbon dating makes a huge assumption: that the decay rate of carbon isotopes has been constant throughout the supposed billions of years. But scientists have only been able to measure that rate of decay for about 70 years. How can they be sure the decay rate has been constant? They can’t. I lost a pound yesterday. Does that mean I’ll wither away to nothing in six months? I highly doubt it. Out of one side of their mouth, they talk about the huge changes and evolution that has occurred on earth. Out of the other side, they say the decay rate has been constant. And speaking of scientific contradictions…

5. Myth—Evolution explains the development of life.

Truth—Evolution takes more faith to believe than Creation. 1) It doesn’t explain the origin of life nor the origin of matter. Some scientists insist on reproducible evidence. Why then can’t they animate life from non-living matter? That’s what they claim happened in evolution. Why can’t they explain why there are no transitional fossils (that show one species morphing into another species)? Because it can’t happen. An organism reproduces “after its kind” (Genesis 1:24-25). How do they explain that mutations, essentially birth defects, make a creature more fit for survival? Mutations are harmful. How do they reconcile their contradiction of science’s Second Law of Thermodynamics, which essentially concludes that time would be the enemy, not the hero of evolution? How do they explain the complexity and intricate design of say, a human eyeball? That it fell together by chance? That takes much more faith than to say a Creator, an Intelligent Designer, designed it.

6. Myth—Only unintelligent, uneducated people believe in Creation.

Truth—Some of the most intelligent people I know are Creationists. Al Mohler. Adrian Rogers. Henry Morris. The list could go on and on. Creation vs. Evolution is not a battle of intelligence/education vs. ignorance. It’s a battle over authority. The Bible vs. Darwinian Science.

7. Myth—Only unscientific people believe in Creation.

Truth— The numbers of Intelligent Design scientists are on the rise. Just ask Ken Ham and his staff. He developed the Creation Museum, an excellent, scholarly, and fun experience in support of the literal Creation account. Creation vs. Evolution is not a battle of the Bible vs. Science. All science, properly interpreted, supports the Bible. And the Bible is 100 percent scientifically accurate. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t think the earth is flat any more than today’s weatherman thinks it’s flat when he uses terms like sunrise and sunset. In fact, the Bible mentions that the earth is round in several instances, such as Isaiah 40:22, “He sits enthroned above the circle of the earth…” Science is the friend, not the enemy of the Bible. Here’s a good video that helps make my point.

8. Myth—Most people believe in Evolution.

Truth—You got me there. Today, sadly, that seems to be true. Only four in 10 Americans believe in strict Creationism. See the results of a recent Gallup poll on this. But so what? I’m not really threatened by that. God’s road has always been the narrow one. And majority rule has no bearing on truth. If it did, then the Truth would always be changing. Because 200 years ago, Darwin was a toddler, had been baptized in the Anglican Church, and lived in a society that almost unanimously believed in Creationism. My point is how many people believe or don’t believe something has zero bearing on the truth. The moral relativism of today’s culture is plenty evidence of that. Again, the issue is not popularity. It’s authority.

9. Myth—Only old people believe in Creationism.

Truth—I have no facts to support this, but it’s probably largely true. I know plenty of young people who are Creationists, but sadly not as many as there used to be. But that’s a function of public education’s bias towards Evolution. And really proves nothing except that Truth is under attack, and Evolution is currently fashionable.

Taking the Offensive

Up until this point, I have been on the defensive, which is Biblical: “Always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence” 1 Peter 3:15. But let me take the offensive now for a moment.

Several events in my life precipitated this post, and one was a recent news story in the Lexington area about a University of Kentucky astronomy professor who was passed over for a promotion because he is a Christian. His suit contended that administrators assumed he was a Creationist, which he later denied. He ended up settling the case for $125,000. (By the way, if you’re wondering why most scientists are so stubbornly committed to the theory of Evolution, it all comes down to money. A scientist who supports Creationism has as much chance of survival in his career as a woolly mammoth in Miami.) Anyway, as a I posted a comment on the news site reporting this story, I ended up in an online commenting conversation with a man called “Nathan” who had a lot of problems with Creation and as it turned out, ultimately with God Himself. You can read the comments for yourself here, if you’re interested (I’m lthompson777).

The reason I brought that up is that it recently reminded me how hostile people are toward the Bible and God, and it really all starts in the Garden of Eden. There’s where the first Fall occurred, and today that’s where many still fall from God. Satan still slithers up and subtly says, “Did God really say?…” Doubt in God’s Word is a slippery slope toward Agnosticism and Atheism. It all starts with a belief that Creation is not literal. And it’s all downhill from there…one slippery step after another. Here’s the “evolution” of an atheist:

1. The Bible account of Creation is not literal, not true.
2. The Bible is not scientifically accurate; evolution is.
3. Much of the Bible was not written when and by whom it claims; it’s contrived.
4. The Bible is not historically accurate.
5. The Bible contains truth, but only as it relates to salvation. Maybe even just moral issues.
6. The miracles of the Bible are symbolic, not literal.
7. Hell is not real.
8. The virgin birth of the Bible is a metaphor.
9. The resurrection is symbolic.
10. Christ is an idea, a concept, a myth perpetuated and exaggerated by His disciples.
11. God is a concept, a crutch for the feeble minded.
12. Man is god; reason is the only authority.

Why am I so passionate about believing a “far-fetched” story that the entire universe was created in six days? Because everything rests on that. Everything about Evolution is diametrically opposed to God. The Truth is man is not another animal. We are created in God’s image. God didn’t create a world where death, disease, and decay existed before man. God created a perfect world. “It was good….It was very good.” Death entered the picture when man chose sin. God doesn’t condone survival of the fittest. He uses the weak and displays His power in our weakness. Evolution turns all that upside down. Man is just another animal sharing the planet. No one knows where he came from or where is he going. He makes his own rules and changes them as culture changes because life is just an accident anyway. There’s no Designer, no purpose, no hope, no life in the end. Just death and mutation. No one to be accountable to. And no one to save man from his own destruction.

I know I’m a dinosaur.  I know my kind is becoming extinct. (By the way, I believe dinosaurs existed, were on the ark, and became extinct soon after the flood because the enormous food supply they demanded was in short supply.) But I hope this relic of a post will be a fossil to some explorer who is seeking Truth. Perhaps they will find in it a snapshot of reality as it used to be, and the Truth that always was, always is, and always will be.

Good Resources

I’m no expert in these matters, but I firmly believe that there’s a valid answer and a solid response to every question and objection that Darwinian scientists throw at us. Here are a few good resources to get you started in looking for those answers. Please feel free to comment and add your own. And comment with questions, objections, and support.

Answers in Genesis

Southern Seminary Magazine-Winter 2011

Creation Museum

Institute for Creation Research

The TalkOrigins Archive

Christian Answers

Answers in Creation

Creation Moments


Creation Apologetics & Research Ministry



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2 responses to “The Extinction of Creationists

  1. Ginger

    If you worship the god of science, you’ll be very confused. Science is a constantly changing, capricious thing. Useful and often fascinating, but certainly nothing to put trust in. Here are a list of things, off the top of my head, science has purported in the past.

    Our solar system revolves around the earth.
    The earth is flat.
    Magnets are magic.
    Leaching seems like a good idea.
    A cell is the smallest thing.
    Nope, an atom.
    Coffee is good for you.
    No, coffee is bad for you.
    No, good for you…

    Humans are always learning about our world, but our God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. The Bible has not changed over the years; the only thing constant about science is that it changes.

    I like this entry… a very good, logical explanation.

    “Logic!” said the Professor half to himself. “Why don’t they teach logic at these schools?” -C.S. Lewis in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

  2. I love it, it is about time someone stands for truth.

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