What’s the purpose of this blog? Does the world really need another blog?

WordPress alone reports they have 276,570 blogs—and counting. Daily some 175,000 blogs are created according to blog search engine Technorati, which estimates the number of blogs at 113 million, with 7.5 million of them active. Meanwhile, 184 million bloggers are creating 570,000 posts every 24 hours (source).

And everybody knows that nobody reads anyway; they just look at the pictures.

So, perhaps there is no more presumptuous undertaking than to determine you are going to self-publish your thoughts with the expectation that people are waiting to hear them.

So what is the purpose of “Know Be Do”? It’s not to promote a business or generate a profit. It’s not for notoriety. It’s not created with the vision that someday six billion people will know about it. It’s really written for an audience of two. God. And me. Larry Thompson.

I’m a Christian, a husband, a father of two daughters, the owner of Eternity Communications, and a resident of Lexington, Kentucky, which also means I’m a Wildcat bastketball fan. I’m a writer and a designer. And so I have a God-given desire to be creative and write down thoughts that God gives me. I like to go back and read them later, and perhaps, they might help someone else who happens to read them. If so, I’d love to hear from you.

But above all I pray and hope that everything that is contained in this blog brings glory to God and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the One Whom I strive to know, to be in, and to do for.

Click here to discover what “Know. Be. Do.” means.


One response to “About

  1. Ginger

    “And everybody knows that nobody reads anyway; they just look at the pictures.”

    Not true! Not true!

    I read somewhere in the range of 457 blogs per day (slight overexaggeration), and I DO love pictures, but I’ll actually read the text of those who have something worthwhile to say, and who say it well.

    Know Be Do is one such blog that always delights me when it pops up in bold (1) unread new entry in my Google Reader.

    It’s always a worthwhile message, and always, always written with proper grammar and punctuation.

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