Prayer Journal

I started keeping a Prayer Journal in 1990, after being saved for about eight years. It was one of the best steps I ever made as a Christian. In it, I keep a list of prayer requests, when requested and when answered. Periodically looking back over that list builds your faith–and inspires your prayer life–like nothing else will. I keep notes of what God shows me from my time in his Word. I write down quotes from what I read and hear. I make lists of goals and sins confessed and blessings and fears. I try to stay ever mindful that if you’re going to attend a meeting with the CEO of The Universe, you should probably bring something to take notes.

Occasionally, I look back through my old entries because it reminds me of truths I’ve forgotten, and it helps me remember how far God has brought me. Sometimes it reminds me of how far I’ve drifted away.

So in this section of my blog, I am going to publish selections from my Prayer Journal that I think bear repeating–to myself–and perhaps they will speak to you.

Selections from My Prayer Journal

The Year of Purpose

Not I, but Christ

“Follow Me…



One response to “Prayer Journal

  1. I remember when we started this prayer journal. Sometimes in family devotions you would get it out and let us add our own little prayer requests.

    “Sit at my feet, girls. Come and sit at my feet.”

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